90 Elm Street
Stoneham, MA 02180
1/04/2016 to 12/31/2016
12/07/2015 to 1/4/2016
3/01/2016 to 7/31/2016
3/01/2016 to 7/31/2016
Lisa wanted all of her clients to know, she will be honoring all of the gift cards sold at Loxx for her services.

Star Salon & Style is still not quite ready yet. Construction is still in the works. But don't panic...Lisa will also be staying in Medford until June 11th. She will have her own appointment book for these next couple of weeks, so if you would like an appointment with her, I advise you call her cell phone.

Lisa Vogel

CELL (617) 281-2915

3/01/2016 to 7/31/2016
Kassandra & Lisa will be relocating to Star Salon & Style.275 Mystic Ave in Medford.
Business Phone # 781-391-2222

LISA CELL 617-281-2915
KASS CELL (781) 866-9730

90 Elm Street Stoneham, MA 02180
(781) 435-0130

Martha Romano will be relocating to
449A Somerville Avenue in Somerville

3/01/2016 to 6/3/2016
As some of you may already know, I have made the decision to close the doors at Loxx by Justine - Medford. This decision was not an easy one to make. It took months of thinking, talking it out with friends and family, and constantly weighing out the options in my head. However, in the end, I had to do what was best for my company. I realized it was just too difficult to be two places at once. Especially with how busy I have become at Loxx Stoneham. It just wasn't possible for me to give 100% to each salon. As hard as this decision was to make, I am excited to be able to focus on one business again. Having multiple locations was a long time dream of mine. Now knowing how tough it is to run just two....my dreams have definitely changed. I guess I am a one business kind of woman after all.

When I made the decision to become a business owner, back in 2010...I never would have imagined what an unbelievable success it has been. It gave me the opportunity to do what I love - work with great people, build an amazing and loyal clientele, and open up a bigger location.

Loxx by Justine - Medford was a great learning experience for me. Most of you watched me grow through the years, and helped me get through some tough times.

The journey of Loxx by Justine's Medford location could not have been such a success without all of you!! I couldn't be more grateful to each and every client for choosing Loxx by Justine. It has without a doubt, changed my life for the better.

To my Loxx Ladies that are moving on - I wish you all the best in this next chapter of your career. Please know I am forever grateful for the years of service you provided for Loxx. This journey would not have been possible without all of you!!

Lots of Love,
Justine Petino
Loxx by Justine

P.S. I know some clients are concerned about their appointments, don't worry, your questions will be answered. This newsletter is filled with plenty of information - there are even a letters from the Medford Loxx Ladies. So take a breath, and just keep reading....

3/01/2016 to 6/3/2016
Hello everyone,

I have made the decision to stay with Loxx by Justine and continue providing services in the Stoneham location.
90 Elm Street
Stoneham, MA 02180

All of your future appointments have already been transferred to the Stoneham Salon Software. One other change that I want to mention will be my schedule...I will no longer be working Wednesdays in the salon. I will be dedicating that time to care for my mother.

If you have any questions or concerns about your appointments, please don't hesitate to call the Stoneham location. One of the Loxx Ladies will be more than happy to help you. (781) 435-0130.

I look forward to seeing you all at Loxx by Justine - Stoneham!!

Maria Colella
CELL (781) 858-3824
Email: MariaColella.Loxx@gmail.com

3/01/2016 to 6/3/2016
Hi Everyone!

So as you read above May 31st will be my last day at Loxx! I will be relocating to Star Salon & Style - no worries, it is super close to Loxx!

Star Salon & Style
275 Mystic Avenue
(Dunkin Donuts, Edible Arrangements, Harrows, PT)
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 391-2222

I will be keeping my current hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 4PM -8PM.
CELL (781) 866-9730
EMAIL: kbhairoboston@gmail.com

I totally advise texting me or emailing, Kenzie doesn't make for the best background noise! I have everyone's future appointments, but please contact me if there are any issues. I will do my best to accommodate everyone!

I want to thank everyone for my continued success in the industry! The past couple of years have taken a toll on my health and career, and I am eternally grateful to every single client that has stuck by me! If it weren't for the support and loyalty of my clients, I am not sure I would even have a career today! I hate that I have to say goodbye to my Loxx Ladies - I love you all like family, and I am going to miss you SO much! Thank you for always caring about me and always putting a smile on my face in the salon! Please keep in touch, you know if I see you out in public I will harass you ;)

And to my clients, on to the next adventure! I have everyone's future appointments, but please contact me if there are any issues. Due to the new booking system, some appointments may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Please make sure to double check with me!

I LOVE YOU ALL -- XO Kassandra

3/01/2016 to 6/3/2016
As you now know, Loxx by Justine - Medford will be closing at the end of May. But I will still be in the area! As of June 1, I will be relocating to Star Salon and Style, 275 Mystic Ave in Medford.

At Star, I will be offering all of the same products and services that you have always enjoyed at Loxx, but this new location will also allow me to offer new services as well. I am happy to announce that I will be adding spray tan to my menu! To book your appointment at Star, please call 781-391-2222.

It has been a pleasure working at Loxx and I am leaving with mixed emotions. Although I am sad that this location will be closing and I will no longer be working with the Loxx Ladies, I am very excited about this new opportunity at Star. I look forward to seeing you there soon!

Lisa Vogel
CELL (617) 281-2915

3/01/2016 to 6/3/2016
To all my clients that I have not yet informed about the close. I will be moving to 449A Somerville Avenue in Somerville. I should be moving in there by June. Please contact me via email or by phone with any questions, and also to keep you updated. Thank you all for your support and sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Looking forward to seeing you all soon at the new place.

Thank you again,

Martha Romano
EMAIL: M.Designs819@gmail.com

3/01/2016 to 5/1/2016

Some Important information for the month of December and also the winter season, PLEASE READ:

ATTENTION MEDFORD CLIENTS: In the snowy months, please be prepared for schedule changes. If there is a Snow Emergency in the city of Medford, Loxx will be closed for the duration of the parking ban. If you have an appointment during a snow emergency, we will contact you to let you know of ahead of time. We will do our best to reschedule appointments and accommodate all clients as best as we can. We apologize in advance for this annoying inconvenience.

STONEHAM CLIENTS: there will be parking in my back lot. If lot is full, there is on street parking available on Washington Street.

3/01/2016 to 12/31/2016
3/01/2016 to 12/31/2016
If you have been going to Loxx by Justine for years, you all know...I am WARM blooded. The hot weather is coming, which means air conditioning will be on. If you get cold easy, I recommend bringing an extra sweater.

We will also have snuggies on hand, for those of you who can't handle the AC.

- Justine:)

3/01/2016 to 12/31/2016
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